“My mother was one of the first professional female rock climbers in Iran and she was the member of first Iranian student team to climb Mount Everest. She introduced my uncle to mountaineering then my uncle in turn converted other members of the family.” Sahand Aghdaie recalls as he explains the backstory of Iran Eco Adventure. For Sahand, the founder and CEO of Iran Eco Adventure Tours Co., mountaineering and nature are like family heirlooms. Thus, he joined his uncle in 2006 to bring into being one of the pioneer Iranian companies in Eco adventures. It’s the beginning of story.

Iran Eco Adventure is the brand name of incoming tours and a division of Spilet Eco Adventures Co. It’s an Iran based company and for over 10 years we’ve been made memories and trips for people who love outdoor activities and hiking, have a passion for travel and a bucket list of exciting adventures.

Our travel experience runs deep, from years mountaineering and traveling in nature of Iran to research trips and just bouncing around every corner of the country. This deep experience is the reason behind our pioneering approach to winning itineraries. Whether you’ve taken many trips or you’re tying up for the first time, we design and offer everything in the tour program according to your needs. Our tours offer variety of adventure activities ranging from Eco tours, hiking, trekking and biking to alpine skiing and desert safari.

With the same meticulous approach, Spilet; our brand for domestic and outbound tours introduced many Iranians to natural beauties of many destinations in Africa, South Asia, Indochina, Australia, and Amazon. Spilet is currently the sole provider of various climbing tours in the Himalayas, Alps, Kilimanjaro, Caucasus, Pamir and Tian Shan, Karakoram, Ararat, and many other destinations.

 Also for the first time in Iran, we established Damavand Eco Camp. It consists of two camps at North face of Mt. Damavand named as Base Camp and Advanced Camp. Damavand is the highest mountain in Middle East. The Eco Camp offers standard and high quality services to Damavand climbers.

Giving you the joy of adventure in numerous locations of our beautiful country under our proficiency steam is what our company mission is all about and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of destinations and our dedication to nature.


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