Desert Adventure Tours


The central parts of Iran plateau is covered with extensive deserts and between these deserts, The Central Desert, Lut Desert and Maranjab are great destinations for adventurous activities. Our desert tours not only take you to a trip on sand dunes, salt flat and oases, also makes a mysterious journey and unforgettable memory for you in places where challenge your soul. Camping in desert and star gazing while you have lounged by the camp fire and once in a while a meteorite draws a line in the sky, will always remain in your mind. Besides all natural attractions in desert generous and hospitable inhabitants are other points of our desert tours. You will experience the activities such as hiking, biking, camel riding, 4WD safari in our well customized tours.

Desert Safari from Mesr to Aroosan plus city tour of Isfahan and Kashan

If you have only a week of vacation and wish to see the heart of Iran, then we offer you this desert safari with which you will have the chance to touch on Iran's desert culture and count the stars at night. 

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