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Iran is a great destination for hiking no matter in sloppy mountains of Alborz or sand dunes of Central Desert. Using the trails in various altitudes and geographical region with different level of physical demand we offer plenty of hiking tours from 2 to 5 days with high service level of camps and local house accommodations.

Hiking in Javaherdasht, The Green Wonderland

The breeze of misty mountains and music of nature composed by herds of singing birds touches your soul when you hike on the trail. You will experience such a calmness that you’ve rarely had before. In this tour, you will enjoy local folk music & the taste of organic traditional food that you never forget.

Hiking in Lar National Park

A great hiking tour in Alborz mountains to pass through Lar National Park, one of significant protected areas because of its diverse fauna and flora yet the great landscapes of mountains and majestic Damavand.

Ring of Damavand Trekking

Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran and West Asia. It's the natural symbol of Iran and Persia and it has special place in persian mythology. For those who dont want to climb it to the summit this tour is a great opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and feel the power of this semi active volcano called white hat giant.

Hiking in Talysh Mountains, from Neor Lake to Subatan Highlands

Northwest Alborz ends to Talysh Mountains, a green area covered with meadows and lush Hyrcanian forest, it's a place for Talysh ethnic group that they are highlanders of Guilan province.

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